Feeling like we are “in-the-know” is incredibly addictive. When we feel like we are “in-the-know” it props up some aspect of our self-concept. It makes us feel smarter than other people. Smugly self-assured. I think there are narcissistic elements, elitist tendencies, but also elements tied to survival, an evolutionary adaptation. There’s something about believing thatContinue reading “In-the-know”

Responsible Physical Wellness

Unfair Trade

Only You

You are your own benchmark. Don’t bother comparing yourself to others. There is always someone out there doing “better” and “worse”. Neither person changes your true state. The only true measure you can take is that of yourself. Even then our tools are limited. Divest yourself of self-judgement.Observe. Seek only to understand and accept theContinue reading “Only You”