Negativity Loops

Negativity Loops

A Negativity Loop is one that keeps repeating but leaves us feeling powerless to act, flailing about internally, or in a negative state of mind; angry, frustrated, empty, hopeless, disappointed, jealous, or suspicious. A Negativity Loop may even deceive us into believing that certain negative conversations and communications are empowering acts but these conversations are merely extensions of the Negativity Loop, reinforcing the Negativity Loop and can even spread the Negativity Loop like a mind virus. This is how Negativity Loops are used to manipulate individuals and the masses.

Negativity Loops (NLs) block healthy behavior. Negativity Loops inhibit clear thinking and inhibit positive action. Negative loops have a tendency to paralyze us. Negativity Loops paralyze us first internally; then, with our actual freedom of movement and concentration. 

One of the most impressive attributes of Negativity Loops is that they have the power to deceive us into believing that we are being productive, thinking critically and analytically, but what is actually going on is nothing more than a rehashing of the same internal scripts that we have rehearsed over and over to make ourselves feel better, self-sooth; this is ironic because the negative spiral only further distances us from our creative, open and positively energized self.

When we understand and recognize our Negativity Loops we can adjust them, intervene and disrupt them, but when we don’t recognize NLs, when we don’t understand NLs, we not only fall victim to them but we wind up knocked off balance. Negativity Loops can be and are intentionally created and exploited by others to manipulate us, control our thinking and by extension of throughput affect our behaviors. The use of Negativity Loops are used by individuals, organizations, and agencies. 

Sometimes we are powerless to act, unable to prevent them from being initiated, other times we are able to take direct action by cutting them off, or being preventative by knowing how we respond to certain people, situations, and other influences.

Negativity Loops don’t need to be ruminative, although they frequently are, negative thoughts going around and around on their own dark carousel. NLs can be occasional, just sort of pop up now and then, seemingly to appear on their own, but they are often triggered, or cued.

What’s important to realize is that NLs are occurring, recurring and holding us up, distracting us from what is important in our lives, and distracting us from what we can take direct action on, or keeping us in situations we should remove ourselves from. It’s also helpful to understand what might initiate or cue a Negativity Loop. Every moment we spend in the grasp of NLs is another moment of joy, inner peace or creative thinking we have lost.

Some common catalysts for NLs are

  1. Fatigue
  2. Various fears and phobias (which are their own NLs)
  3. Arrogance
  4. Exposure to negative thoughts and images via social media, YouTube, print or other media
  5. Social circles, family, friends, acquaintances, professional relationships

Negativity Loops are not only thoughts that are preoccupied with animosity, anger and contempt, but also with fantasy relationships (the princess and the prince, celebrities, elected officials, sport figures), obsession with others who are close to us, or those who we grant access to through social media, messaging or other social interactions, as well as craving approval or acceptance, which is an extension of a malformed desire to love and be loved in return, a natural and positive thought pattern.

This is by no means an exhaustive list or complete run down of what and how Negativity Loops are or how to deal with them. I will continue to expand on this area of cognition and consciousness, as well as introduce tactics to help navigate away, or learn to use NLs in genuinely self-empowering ways, harvesting NLs at will for our use rather than being acted upon and controlled by them. 

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