Questions, answers, direction, decision making and insight; it’s all an ongoing process. Life Changes, and then life changes. We have a tendency to think that our lives will unfold as we expect, these expectations are understood by many, given direction by some as well as our own self-fulfilling prophecies, we make things happen.

We make good things happen, we make bad things happen and everything in between. I am interested in all of these processes, to help unravel them in my own life and to help unravel them in their lives, because we get trapped in what I call Micro, Meso, and Macro Cycles. All of these come together to define the course of our lives and for many in the expression of “It’s just who I am.”

I am here to regularly challenge that self-concept, that belief that it’s “Just who I am”, or “Just who you are”, because I have gone through many layers of self-discovery, turned the pages of many other people’s definitions and will continue to do so. That is what I am “About”.

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